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Beauty and the Beast

This years play will be Beuaty and the Beast.


Maurice Ash, Taylor Ripper, Kyra Pohl, Adele Colson, Bailey Blanc, Rebekah Donahue, Paige Reynolds, Mariah Erickson, Emerson Cavendish, Jada Gnass, Macayla Jones, Lillian Kodeski, Cade Venzke, Kayla Curry, Morgan Hamilton, Kennedi Carpenter, Samantha Bird, Victoria Jungst, Marina Threadgould, Jaleigh Keyes, Gabrielle Gonzales, Branea Darnell, Kaitlyn Hawkey, Taylor Lance, Rosalin Johnston, Emily Farrington, Abigail Kelley, Carlos Lantz, Steven Wulfekuhler, Kennedy Zimmerle, Erika Hansen, Gillian Spitz, Mae Bennett, Destinee Anderson, Joseph Malapha, Josh (Dont have last name)
First Name Last Name Part
Katie Morris Belle
Michael Bachman Beast
Jarryd Schafer Gaston
AJ Ford Maurice
Aiden Taylor Cogsworth
Abby Burger Mrs.Potts
Jonathan Schray Lumiere
Emily McNamara Chip
Jacqueline (Lizzy) Warfield Babette
Taylor Herrman Madame De La Grande Bouche
Aiden Soupal Lefou
Travis Boling Monsieur D'arque

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