Boys Varsity Hockey

Questions answered by Coach Patrick Daley.

Q. What were some major accomplishments this season?

A. I think even though we didn't make it into the gold cup, we showed that we should have been there by winning the Silver cup.

Q. What are you most proud of this season?

A. I am most proud of scoring the winning goal to win the Silver Cup against Dewitt.

Q. How many seniors are graduating?

A. Ten Seniors are graduating this year.



Name Number
1 Jared Thomas
2 Damion Hall
3 Noah Kosnik
4 Aiden McAleer Jr.
5 Jack Lufkin
7 Pete Weise
9 Nathan Vanderly Jr.
11 Jacob Bondi
13 Joseph Corner
14 Nic Rice
18 Cameron Turner
22 Sam Linebaugh
24 Caelie Lane-Powers
18 Michael Jenks
42 Michael Pierpont
49 Gabe Bennett
95 Isaac Bennett

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