This year the bowling team plans on practicing and working on their weaknesses so they can make it to states. They're excited about getting closer as a team and they expect to "kick some booty and take some names" this year to quote one of the players. Some important events they have scheduled are Regionals and tournaments.


Samule Bradley
Heath Camerer
Zachary Crittenden
Bradley Igo
Zachary Gietzel
Steven Levra
Pierre Liddell
Austin Montgonmery
Devin Potter
Jaden Townsend
Braiden Wetzel
Madison Cole
Allison Cole
Erica Finney
Brianna Franks
Lilian Franks
Erin Hammond
Alexus McElroy
Paige Montry
Kelsey Ohler
Destiny Richeleau
Gabriella VanHorn
Morgan Walters

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