Unfortunately, due to changes in vocational funding, the 2016-2017 school year will be the last year that the class that creates and
updates content for this web site will be offered.
Therefore, contents of this site will no longer be updated after the end of the 2016-2017 school year.

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For more information, contact the coach at:

Carole Hetherington
mad dav H liv V
single V christina H liv V
logan V swing H


Name Grade
Zineb Ahmad 10
Nour Alhayek 12
Amira Andraous 11
Mary Anid 12
Chloe Austin 10
Frencesca Barbollini Cionini 12
Kayla Bartoszek 9
Kaili Brush 11
Sarah Gilbert 12
Julya Gonzalez 9
Ashley Herman 12
Mariah Jackson 10
Nakiesha Justice 12
Lillian Kodeski 12
Aleiya Mason 12
Marie Meredith 10
Lauren Miller 10
Basma Naeem 12
Harley Noecker 9
Elisa Prello 12
Taliyah Parker 10
Megan Peasley 10
Jada Robinson 10
Kara Schneider 10
Alexis Tochiki 10
Marina Threadgold 10
Riley Wegryn-Jones 10
Analia Whitehead 11
Rachael Wilks 9

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