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Varsity Boys Lacrosse


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Name Number Grade
Noah Kosnik 2 So
Andrez Chuney 3 Sr
Derek McHugh 4 Jr
Joe Corner 5 Jr
Matthew Jezak 6 So
Cael Weaver 7 Jr
David-Michael Peterson 8 So
Jacob Bondi 9 Jr
Scott Finch 10 Sr
Zach Bet 11 Jr
Nic Rice 13 Jr
Nathan Murphy 14 So
Kade Brickey 15 Sr
Nathan Olson 17 Sr
Reece Whiteman 18 So
Chase Stewart 19 Jr
Greg Needham 20 Jr
Gabe Bennett 21 Jr
Eli Smith 22 So
David Mendoza 23 Sr
Micah Petersen 24 So
Kevin Morrison 25 Jr
Shawn Voorhis 26 Sr
Emilio Pupo-Rivero 27 Sr
Julianni pavlat 28 Sr
Shadi Al-Alam 30 Sr
Josh Swenson 31 So
Anthony Domzalski Jr 32

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