Boy's Varsity Golf



Name Grade
Drew Lyon 12th
Josh Adado 11th
Zack Johns 11th
Peter Lycos 11th
Adam Szymborski 11th
Joey Zurick 11th

Photo courtesy of Okemos Studios

Golf is a game of precision, the object of the game is to hit a ball with a club into a series of holes
on a golf course by using the fewest number of strokes as possible. Usually the courses consist of
nine or eighteen holes. Golf is a very completive sport, people can either play one on one or as a
team. Golf competition is usually played by who ever has the lowest number of hits win that is
known as stroke play. Or is played by the lowest score on the most individual holes during a
whole round by a team is known as match play.

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VARSITY: Doug Harkema:
JV: Brian Kosloski:

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