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When Interviewing Tyler Brown, senior #5, he explained that the teams goals this year were to be state championships! The Varsity Baseball team has been working hard and putting effort into their practices to reach their goals. The team is currently 20-4 in this season and hope to keep up the good work! Upcoming important events include the Diamond Classic and playing their rivarly school, Grand ledge 5/18/17 at 4pm.
Coach: Keith Allen


Name Number Grade
Drake Soblesky 1 12
Dalton Bahl 2 11
Ethan Miller 11 12
Tyler Brown 5 12
Max Dart 33 11
Jesse Heikkinen 3 12
Hunter Rickard 35 12
Robert Butterson 17 12
Spencer Baldwin 18 11
Dan Clark 20 12
Scott Barger 22 12
Preston Estrada 4 11
Burrell Jones 34 11
Patrick Kayser 6 12
Logan VanEkevort 8 9
Evan Johnson 9 11
Mitchell Johnson 12 11

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