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Questions answered by Coach Kellie Sweitzer.

Q. What were the goals you achieved with this year's team?

A. We were able to take conference champions, won our first district match and we won districts as 32nd in the state.

Q. What were you excited about going into the season?

A. Working with a group of girls that had played together since before 6th grade.

Q. What were some important events this year?

A. Volley For The Cure, we donated 3000 dollars, our most ever, to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer awareness and research.

Q. What expectations did you have for the players?

A. Looked at the 4 three year varsity seniors to be leaders.

Q. Do you have more/less athletes compared to last year?

A. About the same amount, only lost 4 seniors.

Q. What grade has the most athletes this year?

A. Definetly the seniors in numbers and years of experience but it doesn't mean the underclassmen are any less good.

Q. What are your thoughts on what happened through the year?

A. The girls were great and meet all my expectations and more.

Q. How do you compare to last year?

A. Great leadership this year and we were able to reach more of our goals.

For more information, contact the coach at:

Kellie Sweitzer: ksweitze@hpsk12.net


Name Number
Hannah Whiteman 1
Linley Lounds 2
Payton Polakowski 3
Mya Brooks 4
Jaci Howell 5
Katelyn Whiteman 6
Eiryn Hodges 7
Laura Schnepf 8
Olivia Potter 9
Allie Peterson 10
Shelby Palmer 11
Alana Sundermann 12
Madison David 13
Sydney Stiles 14

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