Girls Swim and Dive

Team Photo

This season, the team is working to improve their 5th place conference standing from last year.They plan to get
there through hard work and targeting their technique. The team has also been in the weight room working on
strength and doing a lot of dry land conditioning. Coach Pohl said that he was very excited to have such a large
group, 25 girls- 7 more than last year, larger than any of the last several years. He expects all of his swimmers to
come together as a team to reach the goals he has for them at their conference meet November 6-8 in Haslett.
They've been competitive in their racing and their times have been improving and he expects roughly the same
record as last year but their meets have been closer. Coach Pohl would like more students to come and support
their classmates this year.


Sabrina Cleary
Maggie Hoerner
Grace Howe
Jessica Jacobs
Chloe Knop
Madison Kost
Caelie Lane-Powers
Linda Lee
ALexis Lefevre
Noel Lefevre
cameron Magee
Marissa Mongeau
Elana Monsier
Jenny Orians
Livia Osbun
Sara Pawluk
Ingrid Petersen
Denali Peterson
Lindsay Richards
Liberty Rocheieau
McKenna Sutterlin
Alexis Tochiki
Callie Troutman
Madison Wheeler

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