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JV Cheerleading

Jv Cheer team

Questions answered by coach, Whitney Rantz.

Q. What were your main goals as a team this season?

A. Our primary goal was to grow close and strong as a team so that we could be just as good as any of the bigger squads we encountered at football games.

Q. What was done to accomplish these goals?

A. To improve our skills, we practiced three times a week and to grow closer, we had a couple of team bonding activities.

Q. What are your expectations for your girls?

A. I expect my girls to be loyal to the team, enthusiastic on and off the field, and to be disciplined.

Q. What are a few things you have been improving on in the program?

A. Both teams have been practicing their tumbling skills with a tumbling coach. This is new for our program and we have already seen so much improvement!

Q. What do you look forward to in upcoming years?

A. I look forward to growing the program and having bigger teams of girls who show the same commitment and dedication that these girls did.

If you have any questions you can contact coach Whitney Rantz, at whitney.rantz@hpsk12.net


Kayla Bartoszek
Hannah Bentley
Ashanti Funk
Nia Gant
Amor Henry
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