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Varsity Cheerleading

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Questions answered by coach, Gretchen Gibbs.

Q. What were your main goals as a team this season?

A. We want a fun program that guys and girls want to be a part of. And as always, we want to teach skills and create relationships that last beyond the season.

Q.What was done to acomplish these goals?

A. We increased our practice time and we have raised the expectations of our members, and pushed them to achieve much more than we have in the past.

Q.What are your expectations for your girls?

A. We expect the girls challenge themselves constantly, be exemplary student athletes and to represent their team and their school with pride.

Q. What are a few things you have been improving on in the program?

A. We have made sure the foundations of our skills are very good. So while we may not be doing complicated stunts, the ones we do are clean and solid.

Q. How does this year compare to last year?

A. This year is an exciting time to be a Holt Cheerleader, as we are now competing, which Holt hasn't done for a while.

Q. What do you look forward to in upcoming years?

A. We enjoy cheering on the football and basketball teams, but we are excited to have people come cheer us on at our competitions!

The cheer team's first competition is December 16th, come out and support your Holt Ram cheerleaders and all the hard work they've been doing!

If you have any questions you can contact coach Gretchen Gibbs, at gretchengibbs@hpsk12.net


Lidia Cuello
Savannah Dancer
Kayla Gilsdorf
Ella Harris
Taylor Hedley
Taylor Jackson
Hannah Jones
Kaylee Knieling
Maliya Korte
Kaitlyn Kyriakou
Jinessa Pacheco
Emily Schultz
Emma Simons
Ja'Mya Suttles
Angelina Waldofsky
Kiera Williams

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