Boys Varsity Tennis


Questions answered by Russ Olcheske.
Q. How do you stack up to preseason predictions?

A. We had high expectations for ourselves, others expectations weren't very high because we just lost 8 seniors and Cael Weaver was hurt. But the guys had very high standards and we had a very successful season.

Q. What were your major accomplishments this season? Team? Individual?

A. Well we tied East Lansing, we competed well with Okemos and in regionals, we won both Holt Invitationals.

Q. Did you make any goals that you set?

A. Yeah, we wanted to be competitive. We didn't want to have a rebuilding year. They didn't want to see it as kind of a regression in the program, compared to where it was the last couple of years.

Q.Were there any injuries that set you back?

A. Yeah, Cael was a big one, I just felt so bad for him because he loves to compete. Zach Baker got in a car accident and fractured his foot in 2 spots. And then you know your other minor injuries.

Q.What were you most proud of during the season?

A. Our work ethic and practice was really good for an inexperienced team with a lot of new guys at varsity. We had 3 matches in a 20 day span and that would have been really easy for the guys to take it easy, but that maybe the best stretch of the season.

Q.Could you have done better? If so, what?

A.I don't know if I'll ever be satisfied. If you win a state championship, it's like now let's win 2 in a row.

Q.Is there any major events, you think your team will grow from?

A.Yeah I think our injuries and learning how to deal with that. We had a lot of young and inexperienced guys. And so now moving foreward they learned how to compete and how to keep composure and that hard work pays off and it translates that into school and everyday life.

Q.How many seniors are graduating?

A.We have 5 seniors graduating.

Q.How many team members will be returning?

A.8 guys are coming back, we have a lot of talent coming back.

Q.How do you plan on practicing on the off season?

A.Well the guys play in the winter a lot. And with the guy's season in the fall, they have that natural progression of playing in the summer and that leads to the season. Everybody is accountable to themselves and their other teammates.

Q.What are your predictions for next year?

A.Just keep building. We came up 1 point short for states so I know that's in the back of the guy's mind. That wasn't the story of the season but I think it might be the story of the off season.

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Name Grade
Patrick Keyser Sr.
Tyler Brown Sr.
Dylan Bigelow Sr.
Zach Baker Sr.
William Huynh Sr.
Jeremiah Wisdom Sr.
Cael Weaver Jr.
Jake Gilman Jr.
Bernard Anderson Soph.
Justin Coscarella Jr.
Andrew Ferdig Soph.
Josh Corkwell Soph.
Jonathan Liar Fr.

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