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Questions answered by Captain John Weaver.

Q. What were some major accomplishments this season?

A. I think even though we didn't make it into the gold cup, we showed that we should have been there by winning the Silver cup.

Q. What are you most proud of this season?

A. I am most proud of scoring the winning goal to win the Silver Cup against Dewitt.

Q. How many seniors are graduating?

A. Ten Seniors are graduating this year.

For more information, contact the coaches at:

Varsity Coach: Aaron Smith:
Varisity Coach: John Conner:
JV Coach: Matt Trunk:


Name Number Grade
0 Zach Leverich Sr.
1 Andrew Hall Sr.
2 Julianni Pavlat Sr.
3 Zach Bet Sr.
4 Vinnie Dragonetti Jr.
6 Kyle Blackmer Sr.
7 Austin Nguyen Jr.
9 Kody Akers Jr.
10 Max Bachmen Sr.
11 John Weaver Sr.
12 Josh Rosendale Sr.
14 Douglas Williams Jr.
15 Nicholas Campos So.
16 Greg Needham Jr.
18 Michael Jenks Sr.
21 Dean Failer Sr.
22 Emerson Miller So.
23 Carter Colligan So.
24 Bailal Pargan Jr.
26 Zach Howell Jr.
27 Terry Ellena III Jr.
28 Kevin Thai Jr.
29 Zach Schray Jr.
30 Mason Pride Fr.

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