Quiz Bowl

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What is it?

Quiz Bowl competes academically against other schools in a team trivia competition. People should join to have fun and learn new things. Quiz Bowl meets on Mondays and Wednesdays in Mr. Hildebrandt's room from 2:45 until 4:30.


Quiz bowl currently has 20-25 members. Generally, students who have strong academic skills or knowledge in a variety of areas join this club.


  • Quiz Busters
  • CAAC Playoffs
  • Compete at MSU
  • CAAC League Play
  • Tri-Country League

How to sign up?

Students can contact Mr. Hildebrandt for information, there is no application process. Participants have to pay the district "Pay To Participate" fee to be a member of the team.


Name Grade
Joel Arntz 09
John Berney 11
Kyle Blackmer 12
Avery Chase 09
Nicklas Estrada 11
Andrew Ferdig 10
Sully Goren 09
Nick Guilfoyle 12
Cecelia Haering 10
Jacob Huston 11
Chris Jacobs 11
Grace James 11
Rebecca Kildee 11
Jared Parker 11
Haley Reed 11
Reuben Stump 11
Jackson Taylor 09
Tanner Thering 11
Jacob Toomey 09
Stephanie Venn 09
Evan Williams 09
Joey Zurek 12

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