About Project Unify

Questions answered by Junior, Lauren Dahlke.

Q: What is the purpose of this club?

A: To help, work with, and learn with those in need.

Q: Why should people join?

A: It's a fun thing to do because you get to know the kids really well and there's so many fun memories to be made.

Q: What kind of activities do you do as a group?

A: Go to sports events, play games, have lunch ins, and have holiday parties.

Q: Where should one go if he/she were to need information on this club? Is there an application process?

A: Any parapro. There's no application process.

Q: How many members are there?

A: Around 10 unified partners show up.

Q: What kinds of people join?

A: All kinds of people. It's typically upper classmen but anyone is welcome!

Q: Are there any upcoming events?

A: Not at the moment. We start back up in the fall.

Q: What are the big events of the year for this club?

A: Our biggest event is usually going to cheer on our kids while they play basketball. We also have a huge swim meet every April that brings teams from all over the state.



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