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PALs, or Peer Assistance and Leadership, is the club that supports students through PALs Interaction, Peer Support, and Role Modeling. Students in PALs are always available to help create greater academic success. They help with clubs and events like Mix it Up Day, New Student Orientation, and Exchange day. One of their main jobs is to make people feel welcome, accepted, and safe in our school. For the PAL peer helping program, students are selected and trained to serve as Peer helpers with younger students on their own campus. Above all, a PALs memeber must genuinely care about others.

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Name Position
Sarah Gilbert PAL
Cameron Magee PAL
Emily Schultz PAL
Mackinley Lane PAL
Taliyah Parker PAL
Jade Burke PAL
Syri Ammon Peer Mentor
Surra Elum Peer Mentor
Harmonie Smith Peer Mentor
Vanessa Hernadez Peer Mentor
Melissa Vainer Peer mentor
Abigail Burger Peer Mentor
Adele Colson Peer Mentor
Elena Vasquez Peer Mentor
Bunni Lubana Peer Mentor
Stephanie Venn Peer Mentor
Mason Cordell Peer Mentor
Mckenna Sutterlin Peer Mentor