My name is Mickey Moore, and I am a second year Web Publishing Student. To get to this beautiful page, you had to go through the amazing Main Page, which I worked extremely hard upon. I swim and play Water Polo, the former for the past eight years or so, where the latter only for three years. I have also been part of Scouting for the past eleven years or so, and have completed my Eagle Scout Project.

Next year I will be going up to Michigan Technological University. Located in Houghton, Michigan, it is about as far North as you can get without being in Lake Superior, and is the snowiest university in the country. I will be studying Computer Engineering to earn both a Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in the five year program. After I graduate from College, I will probably move to an area with more jobs in my field, such as California, Virginia, or Texas.

I swim and play Water Polo. In Swimming, I mostly swim the 200 and 500 yard freestyle, which are often considered the distance events. However, I consider the 200 to be an extended sprint, while the 500 is a middle-distance event, with the 1500 meter as true distance.

Around November of 2016, I built my own computer, which I use to play PC games. I mostly play games such as Overwatch, Stanley's Parable, and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. I prefer my PC to a console, as it can run games more smoothly, it is cheaper in the long-run, and I have more control over aiming.