I love to ski with my family especially at Boyne Mountain or Caberfea Ski Resort. I have been skiing since I was 14 years old. I do both alpine and cross country skiing. I am an excellent skier, but despite this I have nearly died while skiing. I have broken my right femur, fractured three spine vertebrae, lacerated my liver, punctured my lungs, internally bleed 1 liter of blood.


I got into photoshop when I took the class last year, ever since then I've gotten really good at using it making different fun projects using my friends. This year I have also used it to make professional designs for my business class making things like brouchures and business cards. With Photoshop I've also learned how to video edit for different GoPro videos or class.


I got into kayaking from renting some at Birchfield with my brother. Afterwards I liked it so much I wanted to get my own, so after a year or two I finally did. I enjoy kayaking on rivers and open water kayaking on lakes.


I've been able to swim for as long as I can remember. I started competetively swimming in 7th grade. I am a Breast Stroker. I can go 25 seconds high in my 50 Free and 1:26 seconds low in my 100 Breast.