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Emily Reeves

My Bio Home Page

Intro to Me

My name is Emily Reeves and I go to Holt High School. This year I'm a Junior, and next year I plan on coming back to Web Pub as an Advanced Student. I love going on walks through Nature Centers and trying new things. I plan on going to a four year university here in Michigan. After that I'm going to move to Australia to finish up my schooling and become a world renowned marine biologist.

Life at Home

At home I usually spend my time watching YouTube on the couch with my dogs and a cup of tea. Sometimes I find enough motivation to clean or make dinner, which I'm really good at. I love making dinner for my family because I can experiment with spices and use them as my guinea pigs. >:D

Things for School

I try to stay active in extracurricular activities. I like Interact because we come up with projects to do for those in need. NHS is kinda "eh" but it looks good for college. Science Olympiad is probably my favorite because it forces me to learn new things, which I like. Finally, Ultimate Frisbee is great because it helps me reduce stress (which I have a lot of these days ;-;) and it's fun to play. Everyone there is super nice, so that's a plus.