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Emily Reeves

My Super Awesome Pets

Hercules and Zeus


We got Hercules 7 years ago, so he's pretty old now. He's a Chihuahua and Miniture Poodle mix. He's got short stubby legs and loves running around through the leaves in the fall. He's spoiled, and bedtime is always when he says.


Zeus is my baby. We rescued him from these people who had him locked in the garage for the winter when he was just a puppy, so now he has super sensitive feet. He loves his tennis balls. It's an obsession. Seriously. He's crazy about them.

Mira Jane

Mira Jane is my amazingly cute and beautiful snek. I adopted her from a family that wasn't taking care of her well. They warned me that she was aggressive and hated people, but she's never bitten anyone in the year that I've had her. She loves to be out and to explore the world. Sometimes I hide her in my hair and take her to the store with me. We're pretty scandalous like that. As far as her normal life goes, she's pretty dang spoiled. She has a 70 gallon tank with sliding glass doors, a heatlamp over her rock/cave area so she can sun, two water bowls, and lots of plants to hide in and explore. I even plan on getting her a mini sandbox for Christmas because she loves digging so much.

Banjo and Kyn


Technically, Banjo is my dad's dog. I only get to see him every other weekend. He's a labradoodle and feels like a teddy bear. He's very doofy and adorable. He's a good sleep dog, especially when it's cold. He's like a giant fluffy furnace and I love him.


Kyn is a pretty kitty that snuck home inside my dad's truck. That's how she burned her paws. It took them a few weeks to heal, but she's fine now. She's daring, and tries to fight Banjo all the time. She has six toes on each of her paws so she has cute lil mittens. She enjoys playing with the dogs, sleeping, and hunting frogs.